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Nico Hulkenberg had his first chanced at formula 1 back in 2007 when he signed by Williams racing. He went ahead to win his first grand prix at the 2010 Malaysian Grand Prix. His career took him to Force India (2011–2012), Sauber (2013), Return to Force India (2014–2016), Renault (2017–2019).

In 2020 he filled in for Sergio Perez twice at Racing Points due to the Mexican driver having tested positive for Covid on two different occasions however Nico only got to race on one of those chances. In 2021 he was able to secure a contract with Now Aston Martin formerly Racing Points as a reserved and development driver. In 2022 he filled in for Sebastian Vettel as well due to Covid at the start of the season for the Bahrain Grand Prix.

It’s safe to say the Nico has been out of the game for a long time. However as a reserve driver it can be even more frustrating because you have to be on all the time because you never know when you may be called upon and you have to be fully ready to take advantage of the opportunity because they are few and far in between for a reserve driver but a good impression may be the difference between reserved and having your own seat next season.

Enter 2023!

Hass have been battered with bad luck if one may say, in 2022 they had to call upon Kevin Magnussen out of his slumber and Kevin delivered a massive season for Hass and even scored a podium for the team at the Sao Paulo Grand Prix.

The end of the 2022 season had one of the most people and officials shuffling around but this article is not about all of that.

Yes, let’s get to my point here. Hass seems to have stumbled upon a hat trick that is making them a talk of the paddock here. Nico Hulkenberg is back as a full time F1 driver for Hass in 2023 and on his debut qualifying, he finished top 10 while his teammate, Kevin Magnussen finished in 17 position.

It’s good to see drivers coming back into the sport. The appreciation, the hunger and they bring back with them, their fans and makes the sport feel more about the people. I wish Nico and all of the new drivers making their debuts in F1 this year the best of luck, be safe and have fun!